Dive Switzerland

About this website

What is the point of this website?

While nearly everything you need to know about diving in Switzerland may be found on the web (or in few books), it is often either very well hidden (sometimes in a sea of adverts), incomplete, or out-of-date. And one may sometimes not even be aware that such things exist, like the fact that there actually are some federal laws to obey. The idea is to centralize all these informations. Finally, information on the biology of some of the species encountered during a "dive trip" are provided.

Note that the website is by far not complete. As time goes, more dive sites will be added. More species, too. Bad pictures will be replaced by better ones.

Collaborate to the content

If you find that the descritpion of a dive site is missing, incorrect or needs to be updated, you are very much encouraged to use the contact form. Also, if a picture (or even the complete description) of a species or of something worth while mentioning for a particular dive site is missing, you can also use the contact form to submit one of yours (and only one of yours) for consideration. Note that with the form you cannot directly submit a file, only get in contact.

Note on the visibility plots

Data for the visibility plots come from the online table from the website of the TC Aarau, where people can report the visibility. These data are subjective, and as such it is possible that on a given day for the same dive site, two people assess the situation slightly differently. Although this artifact has not been removed for the plots on this website, the information is good enough. Note that since the plots are based on averages, not seeing a bar for a particular depth or month on the chart most probably means that the data is missing; similarly, when several bars for different depths for a given month are of exactly equal height, this most probably means that there is only one data point available.

Note on the temperature plots

Logically, the temperature on 31st December should be very similar to the one on 1st January. However, since the plots are based on average values over several years, it is not surprising the observe discrepancies there.

Site navigation and hidden links

The website should be as user-friendly as possible (coding knowledge probably being the main limiting factor). But it should also be nice. Hence, while the links found within a text are indicated by a different colour than the core text, links in a list of objects are "hidden" (e.g. lists of dive sites or web and literary sources). You will recognise them by the fact that your mouse pointer will assume a different shape when hovering over them. Similarly, clicking on the main title of a page will bring you back to its "parent" page; clicking on the website title will bring you back to the homepage.


So far the website is only in English. The reason is that anybody in Switzerland as well as people visiting our country should be able to understand it. However, provided the website gets enough traffic, it is not excluded that it will be translated into French and German.