Dive Switzerland

Brougier Park / Unterwilen (Vitznau, LU)

GPS parking 47°01'09.2"N 8°28'19.0"E   |   GPS entrance 1) 47°01'10.9"N 8°28'13.8"E, or 2) 47°01'08.7"N 8°28'18.7"E (see under Entrance/Exit below)

Parking & attendance There is space for about 6-8 cars.

Entrance / Exit

Option 1 | Going to the right you will enter the small Brougier Park, where you can access the water from a gravel beach. The entrance/exit from this point is forbidden between 10:00 and 20:00 from June 1 to August 31, and completely forbidden from September 1 to December 31.

Option 2 | Right in front of the parking lot are steps. The entrance/exit from this point is allowed all year round.


Option 1 | Start the dive perpendicularly to the shore. First you will encounter boulders and small cliffs. The big wall starts at 30-35 m, which you then follow on your left side. Once you start going up you will meet a big tree at around 20 m that rests in its center on a rock and to which a trombone has been attached. Many fishes and in spring laying toads can be observed in the shallows. You exit in front of the parking (see option 2 above). A mound of bricks at 3 m marks the exit.

Option 2 | A carpet of plants where many fishes can bee seen accompany you down to 11 m. The wall starts at 20 m. A mound of bricks at 3 m marks the exit.

Toilets Yes, but closed during the cold months. A tree, a shrub, or a bush will then have to do the trick.

Eat / Drink Seerestaurant Lützelau.

Emergency phone number 144 (and tell them that it is a diving accident and that the Rega should be informed)