Dive Switzerland

Kindli (Gersau, LU)

GPS parking 46°59'29.6"N 8°33'26.4"E  |  GPS entrance 46°59'28.4"N 8°33'27.3"E

Parking & attendance Space for 4-5 cars.

Particular dangers After the dive, climb the way back up slowly, as a strong physical effort will increase your chances of decompression illness.

Entrance / Exit From the parking lot, take the narrow, zigzagging path leading to the shore. Do not underestimate its steepness (slippery when wet, and tiring when coming back up).

Description A ca. 45° slope leads you to a wall that falls deeper than 50m, which you then follow on your right. Many boulders and aquatic plants in the shallows. A big tire at ca. 9 m marks the exit.

Toilets A tree, a shrub, or a bush will have to do the trick.

Eat / Drink You can grill on the gravel beach. Restaurants in Gersau.

Emergency phone number 144 (and tell them that it is a diving accident and that the Rega should be informed)