Dive Switzerland

Riedsort (Weggis, LU)

GPS parking 47°01'25.4"N 8°27'22.3"E  |  GPS entrance 1) 47°01'26.5"N 8°27'14.6"E, or 2) 47°01'24.2"N 8°27'26.5"E (see under Entrance/Exit below)

Parking & attendance There are 17 parking spaces (parking meter, 24/7), but the site is frequented by many divers, especially in summer and during the weekend. So much so, that arriving at 9 on a sunny Sunday morning might be too late... Please respect the no-diving zone (see blue area on the picture in the picture gallery below); also, do not change or leave any diving gear on the lawn reserved for bathers.

Entrance / Exit

Option 1 | From the parking lot, walk to the right along the shore. In front of the last of the buildings you will see a ladder. A stone bench has even been installed explicitely for the divers to put their equipment on it; please use it instead of the normal parc benches.

Option 2 | From the parking lot, walk a few meters to the left along the shore, where you will see a ladder.


Option 1 | This dive is along a big wall and should therefore only be dove by experienced divers. You dive to the right, towards Weggis. Shortly before the end of the wall you will encounter a big tree trunk leaning diagonally against the wall. A shark (!) at 10 m indicates the exit.

Option 2 | Suited for beginners. Big boulders are scattered on a silty ground. A boulder at 5 m can be used as reference for the exit.

Toilets Yes, a construction portable toilet.

Eat / Drink Seerestaurant Lützelau.

Emergency phone number 144 (and tell them that it is a diving accident and that the Rega should be informed)