Dive Switzerland

Kraftwerk (Betlis, SG)

GPS parking 47°08'17.2"N 9°08'07.2"E  |  GPS entrance 47°08'17.0"N 9°08'03.4"E

Remark The access to the spot is via a road with alternate traffic. Every half hour, the traffic is allowed from Weesen to Betlis (i.e. to the dive site) from :00 to :05 and from :30 to :35, and from Betlis to Weesen (i.e. from the dive site) from :15 to :20 and from :45 to :50. Be careful since the dive site is located more or less in the middle between Weesen and Betlis. The road and tunnels are very narrow, thus limiting the height and width of the vehicles to maximum 2m.

Parking & attendance Space for one car only, right next to the power station. There used to be more space, but seemingly the house owner closed everything with a string and big rocks.

Entrance / Exit Entrance on the right side of the beach.

Description Dive to the right at 7-8 m for about 7-10 minutes. A big shrub marks the beginning of the wall that falls down to approximately 45 m.

Toilets A tree, a shrub, or a bush will have to do the trick.

Eat / Drink Restaurant Flyhof in Weesen.

Emergency phone number 144 (and tell them that it is a diving accident and that the Rega should be informed)