Dive Switzerland

Lediwracks (Mols, SG)

GPS parking 47°06'55.3"N 9°17'35.0"E  |  GPS entrance 47°06'55.9"N 9°17'33.6"E

Remarks During this dive you will most likely enter a few minutes into deco, especially if you decide to visit both wrecks. So be careful and do not forget it in your dive plan.

Parking & attendance There is space for about 7-8 cars (plus a few more on the gravel place towards Mols).

Entrance / Exit Direcly next to the parking lot is a turret. Next to it are the metal steps bringing you into the water. Down to 7 m depth the ground is scattered with small rocks; deeper, the ground is only composed of silt and orientation requires a compass.

Description From the steps, set your compass to 0° (north). After 90 m you will reach the stern of the first (biggest and most interesting) wreck. After swimming once around it you can then either decide to turn back (course 180°), or continue to the second (smaller) wreck.

To go to the second wreck, follow course 15° from the prow on ca. 25 m (ca. 50 fins movements). To go back, ascend to 10 m and follow course 180° to the shore.

For experienced divers: the 90 m on course 0° can also be swum on the surface. You can then make an open water descent.

Toilets A tree, a shrub, or a bush will have to do the trick.

Eat / Drink Restaurant Schifffahrt.

Emergency phone number 144 (and tell them that it is a diving accident and that the Rega should be informed)