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Lake Zug

The lake stretches for 14 km between Arth and the Cham-Zug bay. The Lorze as the main feeder river empties its waters into the lake at its northern extremity, but 1km further west issues from the lake to pursue its course towards the Reuss. Due to this poor feeding, environmental protection is very important as the lake would suffer long term damage if polluted as the second of the rivers, Rigiaa, feeds only a marginal amount into the lake at its southern end. Note that its residence time (i.e. the average time a water molecule will spend in the lake) of 14.7 years is particularly long compared to other lakes (Lake Zurich: 1.2 y, Lake Walen: 1.4 y, Lake Thun: 1.9 y, Lake Constance: 4.3 y).

Elevation: 417 m   Maximum length: 13.8 km   Maximum width: 4.7 km   Total area: 38.3 km2Maximum depth: 197 m   Average depth: 83.2 m   Volume: 3.2 km3

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