Dive Switzerland

Wassersportzentrum Tiefenbrunnen (WZT) (Zürich, ZH)

GPS parking 47°20'47.6"N 8°33'50.2"E | GPS entrance 47°20'45.6"N 8°33'48.6"E

Parking & attendance There are 22 parking spaces (blue zone, Mo-Su 08:00-19:00, max. 6h). The site is a frequented by many divers as it is very easy to access, has quite some parking space, and is a popular site for courses and beginners.

Particular dangers It is prohibited to go into the harbour.

Entrance / Exit From the parking lot just go to the lake. The metal steps going into the water are very easy to find.

Description The entrance is right above a 2.5 m deep platform. The depth profile is then relatively flat, starting at around 4 m at the entrance and going doown to 20 m at the outermost limit of the boat-free zone (as delimited by the yellow buoys). On the left is a drinking water pipe. Along this pipe are two platforms, at around 10 and 18 m. Next to the deepest platform is a small boat. It is also possible to go up to the extremity of the pipe, although the way is relatively long. A first, short chain connects the harbour wall to the first buoy. Around 10 m further away towards the middle of the lake starts another, longer chain. Following it on the left you will encounter first a stone lion at 10 m, followed by a dwarf and, finally, a concrete ledge at 16 m.

Toilets Yes, but closed in winter. From the parking lot, take the steps that lead you to the lake. Then turn right towards Zurich and follow the path leading through the small "forest".

Eat / Drink The closest things are a Döner and a backery at the train station Tiefenbrunnen. In summer you can enjoy something to eat or drink here.

Emergency phone number 144 (and tell them that it is a diving accident and that the Rega should be informed)