Dive Switzerland

Riff Williams (Herrliberg, ZH)

GPS parking 47°17'05.7"N 8°36'30.6"E  |  GPS entrance 47°17'05.7"N 8°36'30.6"E

Parking & attendance More than 15 parking spaces.

Entrance / Exit From the parking lot, a vertical ladder on the left side of the lawn brings you to the entry point.

Description On the left underneath the ladder is a knee-deep rocky platform. Diving towards Rapperswil you will find a wall that reaches from 18 to ca. 30 m. Diving towards Zurich you will find after approximately 10 minutes a wall that starts at ca. 25 m, upon which a big tree trunk rests obliquely. In the shallows between ca. 4-9 m lie countless bottles and glasses.

Toilets A tree, a shrub, or a bush will have to do the trick.

Emergency phone number 144 (and tell them that it is a diving accident and that the Rega should be informed)